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Welcome to Dr. Energy Saver, we are Greater Richmonds finest resource for home energy upgrades and improvements. Our solutions are designed to address home comfort issues and improve home energy consumption. Owned and operated by Vance Insulation and Energy Conservation, Inc., Dr. Energy Saver is comprised of some of the area's most highly experienced and trusted energy specialists.

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We proudly offer all kinds of home insulation materials to properly insulate entire homes, from the foundation to the attic. We consider all the hard to reach places, needed R-Value, and aim to meet your needs and wants. 

  • Improve insulation R-Value
  • Reduce drafts and uncomfortable floors
  • Create usable and comfortable space in the attic and crawl space
  • Regulate temperatures throughout the home, year round!

Our home energy audit allows us to diagnose the sources of your home's energy problems and uncomfortable areas. Whether you're noticing drafts, inefficient HVAC operation, or wonder about the condition of your ducts and insulation -- our audit allows us to go through all this and more!

We offer Free Estimates and energy audits throughout Greater Richmond including Richmond, Henrico, Midlothian, Mechanicsville, Glen Allen, Chesterfield, Tuckahoe, Chester, Bon Air, Ashland, and surrounding cities and towns.

Air Sealing and Insulation Are a Perfect Match

Often times homeowners entrust their homes to contractors that simply add-on insulation instead of evaluating the entire home. We, as Dr. Energy Saver are certified building science professionals that understand how every part of your home influences the rest of the space. This means, if a surface hasn't first been air sealed, the insulation will not be able to function to its highest potential. 

We use the proven techniques to make sure your home's insulation provides the best results year round! From your basement or crawl space to the walls and attic-- we know what materials work best in each scenario and solve energy problems throughout homes every day!

Even better, we offer spray foam insulation, which seals and insulates at the same time! This material is quite unique in comparison to others out there because it doesn't lose its expansive qualities over time- a common problem among fiberglass and even cellulose insulation. We also make sure to keep up to date on industry standards in order to properly and safely insulate your home with spray foam whether it's one-part spray foam, two-part spray foam, open and closed-cell spray foam.

Save Energy and Money with Duct Cleaning and Duct Repair

In addition to our air sealing and insulation services, we also provide ductwork upgrades. Whether your home needs duct cleaning, sealing, repairing, or insulating -- we are the trusted expert in Greater Richmond Central Virginia.

Many homes have ducts in their attic, which can become a pretty hostile environment. During the summer, the attic can become more than 100 degrees and your ducts are carrying cool, conditioned air to and from the attic and your living space. If your ducts have leaks or clogs, your HVAC system may be overworking itself causing high energy bills, inefficient service and an uncomfortable home.

We can inspect your ductwork to ensure it is in high working order, and we can help improve your home's comfort and energy efficiency. 

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Are you looking to save energy and live more comfortably in your home? Contact Dr. Energy Saver today and we will perform a comprehensive home energy audit to reveal those problem areas in your home. During our audit we evaluate the efficiency of your entire home -- from the foundation to the attic, we will identify the sources of your high energy bills and discomfort.

Contact us today to schedule your free home energy audit or a free home insulation; spray foam; duct repairing, cleaning, insulating estimate in Midlothian, Henrico, Richmond, Chesterfield, Glen Allen, Mechanicsville, Chester, Bon Air, Ashland, Tuckahoe, East Highland Park, Moseley, Lakeside, Highand Springs, Montrose, Bensley, Dumbarton, and more!

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